Short & Long-Term Storage

Short & Long-Term Storage

Did you know that packing your winter gear for a few months is a whole other story than packing up your belongings for long-term storage? Whether you’re packing your recreational things to store for a season or a household worth of goods for the long haul, there are things you’ll want to consider.

Start by looking for multi-sized, secure, and reasonable storage units and follow these suggestions on how to pack for long-term short & long-term storage.


Long-term: When storing items for more than six months, you’ll want to think about the location, accessibility, and size of your storage unit. Self-storage typically works the best for long-term storage as it offers multiple sizing choices, as well as more convenience and efficiency for placing and accessing your items.

Short-term: While size and location are essential when storing items for the short term, so are flexibility and affordability. Find a storage facility that offers monthly rentals, easy drive-up access, or offers options such as portable storage containers delivered to your door.

Also, we often use short-term storage to store seasonal goods. It’s essential to think about the environment when choosing a storage facility. In extreme temperatures, you may want to consider a climate-controlled unit.


Long-Term: When packing for long-term storage, you will need to protect your goods using high-quality packing materials. Wrapping your furniture in a thin sheet likely won’t be enough to protect it from the elements or pests. Use drop cloths or moving blankets for wooden furniture and airtight, waterproof containers for clothing, books, etc. Note, do not use plastic sheeting. It can trap moisture, causing mold and mildew.

Short-term: You will likely move your items around more in short-term storage. Prevent damage by using packing peanuts or crumpled newspapers to protect fragile items in sturdy packing boxes. If you are storing electronics, store them in their original boxes or pad them in blankets. For easy access, consider using clear plastic containers so you can see the items within them.


Long-term: To prevent moisture damage, try lifting items off the ground. Use wooden palettes for furniture and shelving units for boxes. Leave space in and around your goods and leave a clear row down the middle of your storage unit so that you can access items at the back.

Short-term: Think about accessibility and ease of movement when placing your items in short-term storage. Stack your boxes and containers and leave things that you will need quick access to at the front of your unit,

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