Short & Long-Term Storage

Short & Long-Term Storage

Mastering Storage with World Vision Relocation and Logistics

Whether you’re swapping out winter gear or storing a whole house for the long haul, packing for storage requires planning. Here’s a guide from World Vision Relocation and Logistics to ensure your belongings stay safe and organized.

Choosing Your Storage Unit at World Vision Relocation and Logistics

  • Long-Term (6+ Months): Focus on location, accessibility, and size. World Vision Relocation and Logistics offers various unit sizes, convenient access, and easy maneuvering within the unit.
  • Short-Term: Prioritize flexibility and affordability. We offer monthly rentals, easy drive-up access, or even on-site portable storage containers. Seasonal items are prime candidates for short-term storage with World Vision Relocation and Logistics.Pro Tip: Consider climate-controlled units if storing in extreme temperatures.

World Vision Relocation and Logistics Provides Your Packing Essentials

  • Long-Term: Invest in high-quality packing materials for ultimate protection. Furniture needs more than a sheet! Use furniture covers or moving blankets, and pack clothing, books, etc. in airtight, waterproof containers. Avoid plastic sheeting, as it traps moisture and promotes mold growth. World Vision Relocation and Logistics may even sell packing supplies for your convenience, so inquire within!
  • Short-Term: Since you might access items more frequently, pack efficiently. Use packing peanuts or crumpled paper to cushion fragile items in sturdy boxes. Electronics should be stored in their original boxes or padded with blankets. Clear plastic containers offer easy visibility for quick retrieval.

Strategic Placement in Your World Vision Relocation and Logistics Unit

  • Long-Term: Prevent moisture damage by elevating items off the floor with wooden pallets for furniture and shelves for boxes. Leave space around your belongings and create a central aisle for accessing items in the back.
  • Short-Term: Prioritize accessibility. Stack boxes and containers efficiently, leaving frequently needed items at the unit’s front for easy retrieval.

World Vision Relocation and Logistics: Your One-Stop Storage Solution

We offer a variety of storage options to fit your needs, from compact 4×6 lockers to spacious 10×20 units that can hold a 3-4 bedroom home’s worth of belongings. Choose between outdoor or drive-thru access, and explore our convenient mobile storage container rentals for both short-term and long-term storage needs. Contact World Vision Relocation and Logistics today to reserve your unit or learn more!


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